Kagendur The Lands of Knightfall and the Trials of the Chosen trilogy
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The Stories

Many tales enthral the inhabitants of these enchanted lands. A certain scribe has taken it upon himself to see all these stories recorded for all generations to come. Below you will find a catalogue of these tomes, each depicting a narrative of the special events that take place in the mystic lands of Kagendur.


Join in an extraordinary quest, as a Druid named Ravenna suffers nightmares about a horrendous murder. The death of a condemned knight 10 centuries ago and the images of an innocent maiden’s mysterious sacrifice drive Ravenna on a long journey to find answers.

Forgings of a World:

Tales from the Allamyrantha

(Work In Progress)

The Allamyrantha, the Tome of Histories, shows new readers the efforts of a group of gods wanting to forge the fantastic lands of Kagendur. The magical book also shares the struggle of others trying to destroy this new creation.

Trials of the Chosen Book One:

A Woman’s Scorn

This trilogy takes the reader through the intriguing life of the wizard Raftennon.      The tale begins with Raftennon’s first taste of magic and his subsequent years learning the intricate art.      The first novel ends when Raftennon must confront the consequences of love.

Trials of the Chosen Book Two:

The Daemon and The Lady

(Work In Progress) 

After the ordeals in book one, Raftennon finds himself privileged with an invitation every mage in Kagendur wishes to receive. This means more challenges to prove himself, but the rewards are worth every hardship.      With his new-found power, Raftennon shapes a kingdom and thwarts the evil plans to destroy the world--for now.

Trials of the Chosen Book Three:


(Work In Progress)

Daenar is still at large, which means Raftennon’s journey is not yet over. With the rogue mage still intent on his plans, the Munaedaar must continue his search.      Raftennon’s pursuit will take him to places most have never dreamed of. It will also reveal a truth neither man had ever fathomed.
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