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Kagendur The Lands of Knightfall and the Trials of the Chosen trilogy


The Gods and Other Celestial Powers

The Seeders of Existences

Vysnava Martial Mother - Goddess of Order, Creator of Universes Zenthoren The Great Chaos - God of Chaos, Destroyer of Worlds

The Progeny of Order - The Gods of Good

Andell Benevolent Mother - Goddess of Trust, Compassion, Benevolence Dyrlund Lord of Light - God of Light, Truth, Justice Pancraea The Maiden - Goddess of Love, Purity, Virginity, Innocence, Pleasure, Beauty Thorm The Platinum Knight - God of Honor, Chivalry, Protection, Valor, Bravery

The Progeny of Chaos - The Gods of Evil

Baelor - God of War, Strife, Murder Helkree The Hooded One - God of Darkness, Shadows, Nightmares, Fear Jafall The Vengeful God - God of Hate, Vengeance, Jealousy Kreen The Impress - Goddess of Greed, Betrayal, Lies, Mischief Nemanta Stormbringer - Goddess of Storms, Destruction, Devastation, Disease

The Creators - The Gods of Neutrality

Flonn The Celestial Blacksmith - God of Manual Skills, Invention, Progress Geneve Mother Fate - Goddess of Fate, Life, Death, Birth, Time Pentaclin The Great Sage - God of Magic, Knowledge, Wisdom, Language Quinla - Goddess of Creativity, Art, Poetry, Music, Literature Roen Shepherd of the Gods - God of Agriculture, Healing, Nature, Animals; Creator of Mortals Syllanni - Goddess of Dreams, Desire

Elemental Powers

Aeranna - Power of Air Geonan - Power of Earth Mizzaqua - Power of Water Tampyr - Power of Fire

Keepers of the Afterlife

Hanlon - Keeper of Paradise Shelle Dame of Damnation - Keeper of Damnation
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Celestial Genealogy

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Gods and other Celestial Powers