Taken from the Allamyrantha,

the Tome of Histories...

...here I am, for those wishing new experiences. I bring you tales of a distant land, on a very different plane of existence. I shall reveal the true events that brought that world to being. I do not bring myth or legend. You will live through the hardships and triumphs of gods as they forge their new home and their worshippers. You will revel in their majestic accomplishments and suffer their defeats.    Let me show you how a story should be told, without the lies of storytellers or the embellishments of bards. Enter my pages and live the birth of Kagendur.

Welcome Traveler...

Fantastic adventures await you

The lands of Kagendur are mystical places, filled with wondrous people. The differing races and their cultures bring life to the realms they have created among the turmoil of their gods’ celestial struggles. Here you will find elves revering nature as they strive to find balance with its components. Dwarves delve deeper into the bowels of the world, searching for whatever treasures can be found there. Humans populate much of the world, just trying to make their lives as good as they possibly can. The other races (trolls, goblins, krohl, gnomes and giants to name a few) live their own lives according to their ways, for the betterment of the world around them or the enrichment of their own selfish selves. And who knows what other mysterious creatures you will run into during your travels, for magic runs rampant throughout this world. But please don’t let the possibility of running into an ravenous dragon prevent you from exploring.
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A note to wanderers

Though the Allamyrantha knows all, our scribes have yet to transcribe all its knowledge onto

these pages. Some portals are not yet open, while other texts are incomplete. Those with the

power and skill to rectify these inconveniences are doing just that. Soon, you will be able to

travel freely through this library.

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