Review – Nourished By That Which Consumes by Joseph Ephraim

Nourished By That Which Consumes by Joseph EphraimGenre: Thriller

59 pages

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

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Book Description

The author does not include a description of his novel. He opted to use his prologue and first chapter to entice potential readers instead. I will give you a brief description instead.

Zhang Yu-Lin is a young Singaporean woman. Her father is a gambler who racks a debt he cannot hope to repay. He wishes his daughter would help by becoming a call girl. She refuses, unwilling to degrade herself so. That is, until the loan sharks pay a visit to their house and botch their intimidation attempt. Zhang Yu-Lin loses her mother and two siblings in the fire that consumes their home.

Yu-Lin’s woes worsen when her father loses his composure when next faced by the loan sharks. In a sudden rage, he murders the gangster. Yu-Lin loses the last remaining member of her family to a prison sentence.

Yu-Lin vows vengeance on those who had taken her family from her. She uses all her attributes—intelligence, beauty, determination—to infiltrate the criminal organization so she may one day make those responsible for her anguish pay in kind.

My Review3-Star_rating

Nicely Written But Lacking Depth

Joseph’s writing style made this story quite easy to follow. This was an enjoyable read, and I found myself wanting more.

I read the entire thing in one sitting, but found myself unsatisfied despite the quality of the prose. Joseph could have easily doubled the length of the book if he had explored the sub-plots that were mentioned throughout the story. It seemed to me that Joseph was under a deadline and needed to get the project done as quickly as possible. He flew through the story, marvellously writing the necessary parts to still make things flow naturally. But this made his characters a little one-dimensional. He did mention some back stories, but never elaborated on them. This would have made the book even more enjoyable, in my opinion.

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