Reviewed by Anna del C. Dye

KnightfallAnna del C. Dye is the author of the Silent Warrior trilogy and other fantasy novels.

She wrote this revue for

Rating: 5/5

Ravenna is the main character in Knightfall, a well-written and fast paced tale. As the tale starts, Revenna, an inexperienced druidess, has a nightmare that she has had before. It not only troubles her sleep but also that of her Master druid. For that reason, she is sent on a journey to find others who can tell her what the nightmare means.

Hashaar is a merchant and friend of the people in Revenna’s village. He is assigned to accompany her on a dangerous trip that may take a month. As they travel, they find a wild elf who is searching for his kidnapped sister. She was stolen right after his village was attacked by a monster on a horse that leaves no tracks. Ohliaman, the wild elf, accompanies them since they are going his way.

One night, as they stay in a town’s inn, a rascal becomes impertinent to Revenna. A dwarf named Bromm comes to the travelers’ rescue and has to run with them when things become unpleasant. Soon they discover that Bromm is on a mission of his own. A very special item was stolen from the dwarfs by the same monster who has Ohliaman’s sister; so he too joins them. Before they realize where the monster is going, a wizard joins them. Raftennon is most secretive, yet he knows that on Revenna’s shoulders rests the future of humanity…if humanity has a future.

I enjoyed this high fantasy tale. It is clean, well done and a page-turner. The characters are well developed and easy to like. The writing is easy to follow and fluid. I recommend it for all from young adults to adults alike.

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