Reviewed by Yves Robichaud

KnightfallYves Robichaud is the author of
Tomes of Taria: Kaylen’s Rising

Rating: 4.3/5

Knightfall is Canadian author Marc Labelle’s first novel. An atrocious crime is committed, tainting the soul of a reputable knight for all eternity. A druidess has prophetic dreams and is accompanied by a loyal plainsman in her quest to understand their meaning. A wild elf pursues a demon that has destroyed his village and kidnapped his sister. A brave dwarf searches the land in the hope of finding clues as to who stole an irreplaceable, highly valuable relic from his people. A mysterious dark wizard tries to right a wrong carried out by one of his brethren. All these stories intersect in this captivating epic fantasy adventure.

A clan of strangers, grouped together by circumstance and common interest must work together to hunt down a seemingly insurmountable evil. They strive to survive while waiting for ancient prophecy to materialize. This foretelling calls for an earthly female to rise and defeat the vile beasts. It is their only hope for survival.

The writing is teeming with meticulously painted settings and vividly depicted characters. The author skilfully blends scenic detail, intriguing dialog and engaging turmoil. The result is a well paced, captivating story bound to grip a reader’s interest. The debut novel is fluid, engrossing and bound to entertain any avid reader.

The description of the opening heinous crime is fairly graphic and may not be suitable for younger readers. Barring the opening sequence, this book is highly recommended for fans of fantasy of all ages.

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